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Storm Jib - Full Orange

Storm Jib
  • Storm Jib
  • Storm Jib


Built by world Famous ROLLY TASKER SAIlS, these Storm Jibs are built to their top end specification and fully meet AYF (Australian Yachting Federation) offshore racing requirements.

Bought to you by SailSolutions, All Marines partner company.

SailSolutions is ‘AUSTRALIAS LEADING’ officially sanctioned agent for Rolly Tasker Sails in Australia.

Being the largest Australian supplier for over a decade, we have the experience and service you are after when ordering your new sails.

Rolly Tasker Sails have been renowned by sailors across the world for over 50 years for their top quality, high performance and competitive price. With their vast experience they can manufacture sails to suit an extensive range of performance and cruising yachts and catamarans. More offshore yachts are sailing the world with Rolly Tasker Sails than any other brand and our sails have won 37 World and Olympic medals!.


We have a large range of standard sizes to suit all boat sizes at very competetive prices.  If you are a cruiser, this is the spinnaker for you to have a great time.  Combine with on of our proven and trusted spinnaker socks and its a one man operation.


What size do I require?  (email us at any time and we can work it out for you)

This is the AYF Rule for maximum sizes - Please also see our reccomended sizes.

  1. A storm jib of area not greater than 5% x (height of the 12 foretriangle (I) 2, and luff maximum length 65% height
    of the foretriangle.
  2. (b)  A storm trysail capable of being sheeted independently 12 of the boom with area not greater than 17.5% x (mainsail
    luff length x mainsail foot length).
    The storm trysail shall have neither headboard nor battens. 



The storm jibs are FULL orange to meet the AYF requirements and ensure you are seen if in trouble.


Construction Specification

 Our Storm Sails are constructed to the highest specification throughout.

  • Top end Premium US Dacron
  • Strong cross-cut construction
  • Stainless steel cringles
  • Large corner reinforcing
  • UV stabalised thread throughout
  • Super strong finish with hand worked leather detailing

Storm Sails are a necessity when sailing offshore in areas with the risk of strong winds and heavy weather.

They are also demanded as being part of the sail wardrobe by most international organizations for offshore racing events including Australia. Marine annual insurance premiums are usually cheaper if leisure boats carry them onboard.
In using storm sails in heavy weather conditions the centre of effort is reduced which means less heeling and better steering. Many sailors tend to purchase a storm jib sail one size larger than required so it can double as an inner staysail for use in windy areas.

Rolly Tasker makes storm sails to standard sizes. They are rugged and strongly finished to ensure they are capable of handling storm conditions reliably and give trouble free use. The sailcloth used is heavy duty dacron constructed with over sized and heavy corner patches with webbing and hand sewn leather re-enforcement: the seams are triple stitched and leech lines installed. They are made in plain white with highly visible orange balls both sides of the sail, or for a small additional cost the full sail can be made all orange which is an Australian Yachting Federation requirement when racing offshore. Storm jibs have the option of brass hanks on the luff, or a luff tape if feeding into a furling unit. Trysails can be equipped with luff slides, or left with eyelets for parrel beads to be installed.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.


All sails come with FULL Warantee on workman ship.